Welcome my dear colleagues, all members of the East Asia Musculoskeletal Onocolgy Group (EAMOG)!

For more than 15 years now I’ve had the opportunity to participate in the activities of our group to bring more research studies and publication success. All members are invited to propose their projects in both basic and clinical research areas. We are delighted to have our colleagues share their patient experiences and to join with primary investigators. With more than 80 members from many countries, it is very exciting to learn of the many challenging projects in the near future.

The EAMOG is a genuinely open research group in the field of musculoskeletal oncology. Anybody dedicated to musculoskeletal oncology is always most welcome to be a member of the EAMOG.

Present Coordinator

Apichat Asavamongkolkul

Immediate Past Coordinator

Hiroyuki Tsuchiya, MD, Ph.D.


1) Prognosis of osteosarcoma in old age in Asian population

Proposed by Dr. Yang-Guk Chung, from The Catholic University of Korea, Korea

On-going projects

1) Functional outcome after scapulectomy

Proposed by Dr. Katsuhiro Hayashi, from Kanazawa University, Japan

2) Pathologic fracture associated with primary osteosarcomas

Proposed by Dr. Xiaohui Niu, from Beijing Ji Shui Tan Hospital, China.

3) Bisphosphonates in management of giant cell tumor of bone

Proposed by Shekhar M Kumta, from Prince of Wales Hospital, Hong Kong, China

4) The long-term clinical outcome of PVNS

Proposed by Akihiko Takeuchi, from Kanazawa University, Japan

5). Infection after reconstruction using recycled autograft

Proposed by Dr. Norio Yamamoto, from Kanazawa University, Japan