The APMSTS remains an organisation dedicated to the bringing together of practitioners and allied health workers in the field of musculoskeletal oncology (orthopaedic oncology) in the Asia Pacific region. This is not a restrictive organisation as the unique diversity of cultures in this region is attractive to practitioners in places as far flung as the Middle East. While the association is presently undergoing fundamental changes and establishment to its constitution it has become acknowledged the challenges that must face the organisation as it now navigates its way through an establishment of a constitution and thence to accountability as a legal entity.

Until then the members of the APMSTS continue to collaborate in a fruitful if unofficial membership of individuals who represent their respective countries on the advisory board of the APMSTS. The members of the board comprise a maximum of three representatives per member country who are introduced to the board by existing members based on their past and ongoing contributions to the organisation and support for its meetings. Membership is strictly voluntary and non-binding and there is no financial requirement. Virtually all financial undertakings for the 2-year term of the presidency are undertaken by the current president of the APMSTS.